About Us

Akan Language Interpretation Services belongs to the Language and Interpre­­tation Industry.

We focus on Akan language and our team are fully trained to efficiently carry out all tasks required. Akan Language Interpretation and Translation Services mainly cater to Ghanaians across the globe to ensure that all customers receive purely reliable and dependable Akan Interpretation services for their Ghanaian clients around the world.

All our team members are proficient interpreters with their Associate, Bachelors, and Master’s degree in the Akan Language. We have weekly sessions where professors work with the interpreters to ensure that they are relentlessly improving their medical terminologies and other vital terminologies for optimum customer service.

Our chat forums and platforms allow Akan interpreters to meet regularly for discussion of any issues they encounter. Moreover, we have special dialects besides Akan (Twi , Fante ,and Akuapem) encompassing Pigin, Ewe, Ga, Hausa, Mampruli, Dabagbani, Dagare, Wala, Swahili, Dinka, and Arabic. We also have French language interpretations available.

We provide noise-free communication for a hassle-free and smooth experience for our customers. Akan Language operates 24/7 and offers exceptional phone and video interpretation services for your complete satisfaction. We provide our clients with unmatchable services, including on-site interpretation, telephonic interpretation, video remote interpretation, and highly creative translation services in NYC, and aim for expansion to offer on-site services across the globe.

We perform our services for financial institutions, Immigration Services, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Asylum, Corrections or Prison Facilities, EEA application (UK) and marriage interview, Department Home Land Services, Mental Health, Airport Checking In/Checking Out, USCIS, Department of Education (student evaluation purposes), and Court and Detention Services.

Delivering Premium Quality Work Through Commitment and Dedication


The Akan Language was started in 2007 in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, located in Ghana, West Africa. Our team started carrying out seamless on-site interpretation and OPI interpretation services in a hospital with foreigners who visit the slave trade sites at the Cape Coast in Central Region, Ghana.

We proceeded with our services for political parties during  their campaigns before elections in rural areas, and churches on Sundays. We aspire to expand and continue Akan Language Services to all customers and their Ghanaian Clients.