On-Site Interpretation

This is the most common form of interpretation, with the interpreter present on-site. It often requires the interpreter to travel, but we help manage assignments to make them smooth and efficient for customers. Our on-site interpreters are available to come to your location for face-to-face interpreting. They are most suitable when doing it in courts or for interviews with children, people suffering from mental illness, and deaf people. On-site interpretation is highly beneficial during a conversation where people do not speak the same language, and very useful with visual impressions as it makes it easier for the interpreter due to witnessing the expressions.

Video Remote Interpretation

Akan Language’s Video Remote Interpretation service allows communication between hearing-impaired and hearing persons in the same location. It includes a webcam, digital screen, and internet connection to diminish the interaction gap and offers immediate contact to an off-site sign language interpreter who performs interpretation in real-time. Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) is best for those who do not acquire enough time or budget to plan an on-site interpreter.

Telephonic Interpretation

Our telephonic interpreters specialize in delivering interpretation via telephone. The interpreter listens attentively to the conversation and then takes it forward to render it into another language. It is helpful in the interaction of people who speak different languages and solves the problem with the use of a telephone. Telephonic interpretation is accessible on the pocket and a reasonable option if people are not in the same location Regardless of the place, Akan Language helps you connect to anyone with the help of telephone.

Highly Creative Translation

Whatever you want to get translated, whether it’s a report, document, transcript, or contract, we offer highly creative, factual, and accurate services timely. We will assist you in communicating your message to a broader audience and wherever you want to. We continuously strive to deliver your task with the highest precision and fastest turnaround time. As soon as the quote is finalized, we forward the text to the translator who is perfect for the job and delivers the best piece as per your requirement.

Interpretation Services: How They Can Benefit You 

There are many occasions where you may find yourself in need of an interpreter. After all, you can’t be expected to speak every language. If you’re in need of a skilled interpreter, you won’t need to look very far. At Akan Language Interpretation Services, we cover a range of situations so that you can receive smooth interpretations with no hassle. Why not discover how we can help you, and why you should choose us over other companies.

What We Offer  

We specialize in translating Ghanaian to English and vice versa. The interpretation service itself can be undertaken in several different formats. The most common form is on-site interpretation, where we are physically there to translate for you. The reason it is such a popular form of interpretation is because we are able to see the expressions and reactions face-to-face, which provides a more authentic representation.
Remote video interpretation usually involves a webcam, and it can be exceptionally useful in emergency situations. It also tends to be less expensive than a physical service, which makes it handy if you find yourself on a tight budget. Audio interpretation, or telephonic interpretation, often occurs during police and airport security interviews. It’s quick and portable, which is why it is such a popular choice in pressing situations.

How They Can be Beneficial   

Interpretation services have a wide range of uses, and we are able to cover many sectors. Here are some examples of the situations that we can cater to:
– Medical
– Government and asylum
– EEA appointment
– Marriage interviews
– Social service interviews
– Immigration and police interviews
– Court and legal cases
All of these situations can be poorly handled without the services of a skilled interpreter. That’s where we come in to ensure that things go smoothly and that both parties are able to clearly understand each other. It’s so important that everyone is able to understand each other because it reduces stress, and also saves a great deal of time.

Why Use a Professional?    

There are plenty of services out there that are offering cheap interpretations. This might seem like an incredible deal, but a lot of the time they are amateurs that simply don’t do a good job. They are often slow and clunky with the translation service, and may even confuse words and end up giving the wrong information out.
With a company like ours, there is a proven track record to show that we are good at what we do. Additionally, our team is highly skilled and trained, obtaining degrees in the area and providing a perfect interpretation so that everyone is able to get the right message. Professionals make sure the job is done correctly and, more than that, that it is done to a high standard.

To Conclude     

If you are searching for skilled interpreters to help you with Ghanaian translation, we are the company for you. Professional, experienced, and with strong backgrounds in the field, we are here to ensure that the process is easy and that you experience as little stress as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer, or you would like to book our services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience; we look forward to hearing from you.